Adding hyperlinks to text

You can add hyperlinks to your text. A hyperlink is specially highlighted text that when clicked, enable users to navigate to another location within your title, open a pop-up window, or perform other actions.

See also: Selecting an action

To add a hyperlink:

  1. Double-click within the text block and select the text you want to hyperlink.

  2. Choose from two ways to add a hyperlink:

    The Text Hyperlink Properties window opens.

  3. Select the action you want to execute from the Action drop-down list. Specify additional information based on the action you select. For example, to create a hyperlink that allows users to jump to another part of the title when they click on the link, select Go To from the Action list. Select Chapter, Section, or Page in the Target list and select the name of the page to which you want to navigate from the Name list.

  4. Click OK.

To edit the properties of a text hyperlink, double-click the text block containing the hyperlink and double-click the hyperlink.

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